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- Get rid of cellulite
- Break down fat cells
- Improve muscle performance
- Reduce pain
- Accelerate muscle recovery

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Until now, the FasciaBlaster™ was only available to models, movies stars, professional athletes, and individuals who know Ashley Black personally. Supplies are extremely limited!

What they're saying!


Toni Garrn

“I’m loving your [FasciaBlaster™] rubbing my body nonstop since I got it and it really helps. All of my maniac model friends want one too. I’ve started traveling with it for all of my shoots.”


Ken Crenshaw

“The Ashley Black Fasciology [FasciaBlaster™] has been a popular and widely-used treatment tool with our team this season. Due to its design and capacity to treat fascia, the product has nicely complimented the manual therapy approach that we implement with our athletes. We look forward to the continued use of the [FasciaBlaster™] product within our setting in the years to come.”


Carl Crawford

“I’ve worked with Ashley for 8 years and there’s a direct relationship between her treatments and my performance. The FasciaBlaster™ helps me maintain my open hips between treatments and plays a big roll in my success as I get older.”


Dikembe Mutumbo

“Being as tall as I am, it’s always a struggle to have loose tissue. I wish I would have had the FasciaBlaster™ when I was playing, but thank God I had Ashley.”



“Fascia is my new favorite F Word.”


Penny Hardaway

“After many years in the NBA, it takes a toll on the body. I use the FasciaBlaster™ for recovery and just to feel athletic again.”


Brett Favre

“Being a retired athlete, one of the biggest challenges is to stay loose, and the FasciaBlaster™ helps me do that. My wife Deanna and I use it on each other.”


Arian Foster

“Year to year when I was younger I would constantly pull my hamstrings. Meeting Ashley Black I learned that the root cause of that was the fascia and was able to change my game.”

Bradie James

Bradie James

“I was one of the first people to get to use the FasciaBlaster™ I think everyone in the room was shocked at how amazing it was. You can really really feel the difference.”


Travis Hafner

“Ashley Black unequivocally extended my MLB career by 6 years. Her FasciaBlaster™ is a revolutionary tool for athletes. A self-treatment with the FasciaBlaster™ has the same results as hours spent with a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, etc. all put together.”

Have an entirely new body!

Fascia Blaster

Sports Benefits

Every athlete knows that three things make all the difference in performance:

  1. The range of motion needed for the sport
  2. Maximum firing of the muscles
  3. Not being in pain

The FasciaBlaster™ is even more effective than the foam roller for breaking up limitations in the fascia that limit range of motion, allowing athletes to “flow” through their movements. The FasciaBlaster™ can allow for 3x the muscle firing, because the nerves that control muscles are stimulated by the FasciaBlaster™ and released to function by the fascia. The FasciaBlaster™ is also a great pain management tool for tight, achey places on the body. The control is now in your hands… literally!

Fascia Blaster

Beauty Benefits

The name of the game in beauty is a contoured body and great skin. The FasciaBlaster™ ends cellulite and creates blow flow for beautiful skin.

The fascia, when tight or adhered, forms a grid just below the skin like a chain link fence. Any fat pushing up through the fascia will look like a marshmellow pushing through the chain link fence. By breaking up fascial restrictions and loosening it, we can lesson the look of cellulite. With the FasciaBlaster™, blood flow is improved and skin looks more youthful.

Fascia Blaster

Health Benefits

The FasciaBlaster™ can help you if you are in chronic pain or physically fit by allowing the body to function optimally through loose, open fascia.

When fascia is tight, it can squeeze out our blood, nerves and muscles like a boa constrictor. If you wake up feeling tight all over, or just want to feel more youthful, the FasciaBlaster™ can help. Using the FasciaBlaster™ all over your body can make you feel even better than yoga, massages or stretching. It is the only product that relieves the fascia and allows your whole body to loosen and function the way it is naturally intended.

Fascia Blaster

Pain Benefits

If you have reoccurring pain and stiffness, the FasciaBlaster™ is your answer.

Fascia is the number one root cause of most joint pain and is often times the culprit for full body mystery pain. Because the fascia can close joints, create tension, impede nerves and restrict blood, it causes a host of problems. The FasciaBlaster™ breaks through the connective tissue and restores it. Anywhere you would foam roll, get massages or other therapy, you can now self treat even more effectively with theFasciaBlaster™.

Fascia Blaster

Fitness Benefits

If you are into looking and feeling your best, the FasciaBlaster™ is your missing link.

Every fitness enthusiast knows that there are a few things that make or break your ability to look and feel your best. We want muscle definition, performance, flexibility, symmetry, maximum output in our workouts and we want it pain free. The FasciaBlaster™ helps with all of these things by breaking up fascial adhesions that restrict “pump”, open the tissue for range of motion, loosen the fascia showing more “cuts” and gives us up to 3x the muscle activity. Daily use will alleviate lactic acid build up as well as trigger points of pain.

Learn more about the Evolution of the Foam Roller!

Foam rolling for “myo-fascial release” is a health and fitness trend that is gaining popularity. Let’s break down what this actually means:

  1. Myo – means muscle
  2. Fascial – means of the fascia (link to what is fascia) system
  3. Release-  means loosening and restoring.

Treating the muscles and fascia as one system is not the most effective way to achieve the release. To the right is a side-by-side comparison of the foam roller and the FasciaBlasterTM.

The MOST EFFECTIVE way to achieve all the benefits of myofascial release is to use the FasciaBlaster™ FIRST, restoring the fascia systems, separating the fascia from the skin, fat, muscle and body liquids. Then when you FOAM ROLL, you will have direct access to the muscles instead of depending on generalized compression. You can also use the “legs” of the Fascia Blaster to break through tough “knots”.

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Benefits of using the FasciaBlaster™

END Cellulite!

When fascia is tight, it pulls down on the fascial sheath below the skin. Fascial adhesions look like a chain link fence. When fat is present, it pushes through the fascia like a marshmellow pushing through a chain link fence. This causes a dimpled and puckered effect.

The FasciaBlasterTM:

  • Breaks up fascial adhesions
  • Smooths out the fascial sheath below the skin
  • Allows the body to take a more natural form
  • Fat does not push through “dimpled sheath”
  • Appearance of cellulite diminished or lessened
  • Skin looks more vibrant
  • Muscle definition shows through

Better Blood Flow!

When fascia is tight, it restricts blood flow. Little veins and arteries flow through the fascia delivering oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Fascia is so adhesive that it can block blood flow entirely to certain area, cause swelling in others, or just make it harder for blood to pump.

The FasciaBlasterTM:

  • Opens and loosens the fascia
  • Releases the blood to flow naturally
  • Oxygen and nutrients get to the cells more efficiently
  • Workouts are more effective through “pump”
  • Cardiac output is increased
  • Inflammation reduced
  • Better blood pressure
  • Less brain fog

Better Definition and Nerve Activity!

When fascia is tight, it restricts the nerve signal. Nerves are the messengers that send signals from the brain to muscles for them to fire. When the signal is interrupted, or choked out, the muscle output is lessened. Fascia also can encase muscles, not allowing the cuts to show through. If you are big enough, you can actually outgrow your fascia and limit the size of muscle growth.

The FasciaBlasterTM:

  • Opens and loosens fascia allowing full nerve signal
  • Improves the muscles response to activity
  • Causes muscles to fire harder and more efficiently
  • Allows the fascia to lay in the cuts and grooves of muscle definition
  • Allows for full growth potential
  • Improves sports performance
  • Increases flexibility
  • Great to use as a pre-event nerve stimulator

Pain and Orthopedics

When fascia is tight, it can tork and tighten joints and is often a pre curser to more serious issues such as strains, ligament problems, back pain, swelling, limited range of motion and more. Overall tight fascia can cause head aches, full body aches and rob us of vitality.

The FasciaBlasterTM:

  • Instantly reduces pain
  • Allows joints to function properly
  • Increases flexibility
  • Releases tension
  • Breaks up scar tissue
  • Minimizes inflammation
  • Allows for joint alignment and space

What is Fascia?

Fascia is the head to toe, arm to arm, inside-out connective tissue. It divides our muscles and penetrates them like the internal skin of an orange. It also surrounds virtually every structure of the human body. If we were able to peek inside our bodies and only see the fascia, we would look like a human form of cotton candy with mummy-like bandages running throughout. The entire fascia system is connected in ONE piece like a 3D spider-web.

Ashley Black explains there are 4 types of fascia:

  1. Structural fascia- Runs in long strips through the body. Visible in chicken meat just below the skin. The white silky membrane.
  2. Inter-structural fascia- Is present inside muscles and connects muscles to other muscles and to the bones. Visible when eating steak, the cobweb-like material.
  3. Visceral fascia- The “goop” inside our abdominal cavity that surrounds our organs and digestive system.
  4. Spinal fascia- the straw like thick casing that surrounds the spinal column

The fascia has a brush point with literally every other system of the body. It is as, or more significant than any other system. Having loose, healthy fascia is vital for overall health and well-being. Healthy fascia also makes us look, feel, and function better!

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Ashley Black

After flesh-eating bacteria entered Ashley Black’s bone system 15 years ago, a story began unfolding. Finding treatment options limited, Ashley began studying the human body, uncovering new systems virtually unexplored in modern healthcare, fitness, sports and beauty.

She established Ashley Black’s FasciAnatomy™, the mission of which is to educate the world on fascia, which holds the potential to change society’s understanding of anatomy and physiology. Improving fascia changes lives and helps everyday people enjoy unprecedented levels of health, vitality and beauty.

As the leading expert on fascia, Ashley has pioneered every aspect of the field. Her client roster includes A-list celebs; top-ten athletes in major sports, royals, billionaires, supermodels and worldwide influencers.

Ashley is launching knowledge and physical products to bring the benefits of Fascia science and FasciaAnatomy™ to the general public; including the FasciaBlaster™, a self-treating tool anyone can use to loosen fascia and improve overall health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of oil do I need?

We are working diligently on a proprietary oil to go specifically with the FasciaBlaster™. For now you can go the cheap route and use good ole baby oil or any type of massage oil. You just need to be very “slippery”. Some people use conditioner or body gel in the shower as well. For more information, watch this.

How often do I use the FasciaBlaster™?

For initial results, use vigorously for 5 minutes per area up to 4x a week. Use at a 7 on the pain scale. DO NOT use the FasciaBlaster™ if the area is bruised or still sore from previous usage. You may have to “work up” to this level, based on how bad your fascia is. This is the protocol for cellulite, muscle definition and pain. For more information, watch this.

To break up fat cells you must contract the muscle behind the fat you are breaking up. Pin the fat between the FasciaBlaster™ and the contracted muscle. Rub vigorously for 1-5 minutes. This WILL bruise you, as breaking up fat cells also breaks up the capillaries. The open capillaries act like little PacMan and gobble up the fat “bits”. For more information, watch this.

For muscle activation and recovery, use the FasciaBlaster™ at a medium depth, a 5 on the pain scale. Use for 1-2 minutes per area all over your body or affected areas.

For Fibromyalgia and blood flow issues or anyone with sensitive to the touch skin, use at a 2 on the pain scale and “test the waters” with light scrubbing all over. Over time you can work up to a 5 or 7.

For maintenance, use is the shower, sauna, hot tub etc. as needed. This could be minutes a day or a full hour of going off!

What is fascia?

Fascia is the head-to-toe, fingertip-to-fingertip, inside-to-out connective tissue. For more, click here and watch this.

How is the FasciaBlaster™ different than a foam roller?

The FasciaBlaster™ is designed to address the Fascia System separately. For more benefits, click here and watch here.

Do I use the FasciaBlaster™ and the foam roller?

The FasciaBlaster™ and foam roller work effectively in tandem. For more information, click here and watch this.

Why is healthy fascia important?

Fascia is one of the most profound systems in the entire body. Understanding how to achieve healthy fascia can be life-changing. For more information, click here and watch this & this.

Why does the FasciaBlaster™ make me look leaner?

The FasciaBlaster™ breaks up Fascial Adhesions, which reduces swelling and inflammation. For more information, click here and watch this.

How do I use the FasciaBlaster™?

Use on bare skin with lubrication, rubbing briskly between the skin and muscle. For more information, click here and visit our YouTube Channel.

Can I order a FasciaBlaster™ if I live outside the US?

Yes. In order to place an order outside the US, please email for special care.

Do I have to be hot to use the FasciaBlaster™?

The FasciaBlaster™ is most effective when the tissue is warm. Try cardio, sauna, steam shower, hot yoga, or hot packs for best results. However, you can still receive a result regardless.

Where can I use the FasciaBlaster™ on my body?

The FasciaBlaster™ is specially designed for consumers to reach every area of their body. For more information, click here.

Why do I need oil/cream?

The FasciaBlaster™ only works to break through fascia on bare skin with proper lubrication. You can use the FasciaBlaster™ without oil for muscle knots. It is ineffective for fascia without oil/cream.

DO NOT USE over clothing as the product will NOT work.

Does the FasciaBlaster™ cause bruising?

As fascial adhesions release, blood flow will be re-established, causing the appearance of bruises. This is part of the healing process. Consumer has total control over how hard to use the FasciaBlaster™ and should only be applied with mild discomfort. If bruising sustains, discontinue use of FasciaBlaster™ until all bruising is gone, then resume. The Bruising is actually a sign of healing, like “cupping”. You are bringing blood to the surface and allowing the body to naturally restore itself by blood flushing to the area to move out toxins and fat and deliver vital nutrients. You want to have some mild bruising.

How long does it take to see and feel results?

Results can be seen and felt immediately, and long-term permanent changes can begin within a couple of weeks to a month. For more information, watch this.

Do I have to keep using the FasciaBlaster™ for results?

Fascia becomes distorted and adhered due to a multitude of factors such as alignment, diet, stress, etc. In a perfect world, once you release the fascia it would stay released forever. Use the FasciaBlaster™ as needed if the fascia reacts to changing factors.

My FasciaBlaster™ feels scratchy, what can do about this?

If the FasciaBlaster™ feels scratchy, simply use a nail file to buff down any seams.

What do I do if my FasciaBlaster™ breaks?

Please send photographs to and we will replace it.

How do I clean my FasciaBlaster™?

Simply wash with warm water and soap, the FasciaBlaster™ is also dishwasher safe.


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