Understanding Weight Loss

Understanding Weight Loss

Weight loss is a very personal journey that is often made frustrating when diets and exercise alone aren’t enough. Ashley Black has made monumental discoveries in weight loss with a self-treating fascia tool. What was discovered almost immediately is that by opening the fascia, clients looked smaller and the distribution of fat was more physically appealing.

In order to understand how fascia affects fat loss, it’s important to first understand what fascia is. Picture a cobweb. Fascia is the connective tissue that separates muscles and runs through every structure of the body. When the fascia binds to the fat and inflammation just below the skin, it sticks everything together like chewing gum. By opening the fascia, the fat redistributes and the inflammation can be moved out by the lymphatic system. The instant results are very visible, which is great for giving a quick boost to your weight loss plan!

The concept is simple, really. Because fascia is everywhere, it can bind to any structure in the body, causing dysfunction.The fascia is like a casing and it can entrap fat causing love handles, clumpy legs, barrel tummies and fat rolls. In clinical trials, clients lost up to 2 inches on their legs and 4 inches on their waist, and lumps and bumps were lessened.

Opening fascia also allows muscles to function properly, which is huge in the fitness industry. Clinical trials have shown that muscles can fire up to 3x harder once fascia is treated! Building more muscle increases metabolic output and the ability to lose fat.

Paired with regular diet and exercise, consistent use of the FasciaBlaster® has proven to significantly reduce the time it takes to achieve that weight loss goal!

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