Better, Faster & More Affordable Than Fat Freezing

Better, Faster & More Affordable Than Fat Freezing

The concept of “spot reduction”, or being able to target a specific pocket of fat was science fiction until the invention of liposuction. When one looses weight, we lose weight all over. Whatever our trouble areas are, tend to be the last to go when we lean out. Personally, my tummy goes flat almost immediately when I lose weight. I hold fat in my inner thighs and buns. My husband is the exact opposite. He can be shredded all over his body, but hang on to his lower tummy to the bitter end.

This pic should grab your attention as you can clearly see that he flattened his stomach in 2 weeks. I will tell you exactly how he did it, but I wanted you to see the transformation for yourself, and there is no photoshop or any “trickery”. All of the photos in this blog are 100% real.

As you are reading this, I’m sure it’s easy to think of where your “last to go” place is and that you wish you could get rid of it in 2 weeks! Well, you’re in luck, because I’m going to break down the science of spot reducing in a way that makes total sense and empowers you with knowledge about your body that you have never heard of before! And the best part is that you don’t need drugs, surgery or procedures and you can control the contouring of your body.

For a quick look at the science, check out this video and our recent worldwide press.

Let’s first talk about the invention of fat freezing/cooling. This is the #1 cosmetic procedure in the world right now. The concept is simple: a medical provider “grabs” the fat of your stubborn area into a machine and “cools” the fat to a temperature that “kills” the fat cell. I have researched a lot on this process and it is very secretive as to what that temperature is and what happens to the other cells including the blood or nerves. The companies that promote this technique claim that the fat cells are the only cells affected. Once the fat cell dies, it will “decay” like a piece of fruit left out on the counter. Eventually it will shrivel into a mush that can be carried out by “natural processes.” The words “natural processes” is the term the fat freezing companies use, so I am assuming they mean through the blood and then and the detoxifying and expelling systems. Once the fat dies, it takes between 2 - 7 months for the full affect of the fat freezing.






Let me say - by the way - that I think this is awesome! A non-surgical way to “eat” fat off my body, sign me up!!! Even though these procedures are $600-$5,000 (if you didn’t know about the FasciaBlaster®), I bet you would be willing to try it for your “problem area”. And the results are… reasonable. Not mind blowing; but good. Here are a few pics published by the plastic surgeons performing the technique, so you can get and idea of the result. Take note that the result takes 60 days to 7 months and costs thousands. I will explain later why it takes so long.

What I personally found so interesting when I began to read up on fat freezing, was WHY the fat freezing companies even theorized that killing fat cells was possible. Turns out they saw dimples in the cheeks of children who ate a lot of popsicles. The dimples were due to a loss of fat in the cheek.

Cool huh?

Well in parallel I was doing a third party test group for my product for cellulite when I noticed a similar phenomenon. Because my tool, The FasciaBlaster®, is “self controlled’, meaning that the individual uses the tool on their own body, there were places on their bodies that were easier to reach. We noticed that the areas of the body that got the most attention not only got rid of cellulite quicker, but were actually abnormally smaller - like the dimples!

We then began to wonder if the FasciaBlaster® was killing fat cells like Fat Freezing. But the results were less than 30 days, so we theorized that we must not be “killing” the fat cells, but “lysing “them. Lysing is a process that is used in liposuction where the cells are “popped” chemically. Our team of scientists began to believe that we could lyse the fat cells with the FasciaBlaster®. This was very exciting…the kind of thing where everyone is looking at each other like “REALLY?” IF we can lyse the fat cells and spot reduce, then we have TOTAL CONTROL over the shape of our bodies! This is totally unheard of in health and fitness!

All the pictures from our 30-60 day study showed a visible difference with the FasciaBlaster®.

Check out some quick pics from that study!

We also could see a difference instantly and even more at just 48 hours, so of course we had to explore that. Our current hypothesis, which we are clinically testing, is that the fat cell pops immediately upon vigorous use of the FasciaBlaster®. Because the FasciaBlaster® flushes blood to the area (this is already a known fact) it can carry it out quickly.

The FasciaBlaster® also breaks up the capillaries, hence the bruising, which allows the fat to be moved out even quicker. Open capillaries gobble up fat “bits” (like little PacMen) and move them out of the body in 48 hours. This result is being validated over and over with new cases and it is very exciting for everyone affiliated with the FasciaBlaster®. Keep in mind as well that you do not need a practitioner to use the FasciaBlaster® - it is not a medical device and it only costs $89! Yes, you heard me right… only $89!!! AND we are getting a better as well as a faster result.

So ... why does it take so long for Fat Freezing to work? When we want to stop blood flow, what do we do? We “put ice on it”. So when a client receives Fat Freezing procedures, the blood flow is restricted. So the very system that moves the dead fat cells out of the body is now inhibited. The blood vessels may have to regrow to begin the expelling process. Additionally, with Fat Freezing the cell has to decay before it can be eliminated. It is unclear how long this process takes, but the companies that promote Fat Freezing clearly state that the full result takes 7 months. Now I don’t know about you, but 7 months is waaaaay too long to wait for a result. To me, there are also a lot of variables that could change in 7 months. Personally, I would just diet down and save the money.

So when we claim to be FASTER, EASIER and LESS EXPENSIVE than Fat Freezing, I think we have enough evidence to say this in confidence. For $89 and the chance to literally scrub fat off my body, I can’t see a drawback. In addition, the FasciaBlaster® has also been proven time and time again to lessen the look of cellulite, increase circulation, stimulate nerves, make muscles fire harder and much more!

So before you invest thousands, consider purchasing a FasciaBlaster® and scrubbing your way to a sculpted body!

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