Get F’d: Food Fitness Fascia Freedom

Get F’d: Food Fitness Fascia Freedom

Weight loss, getting healthy, aging gracefully, getting flexible, staying strong… these are the buzzwords that grace the headlines of every magazine, book and TV show. Yet most of us are still walking around yearning for better health and a hotter body.

A “new” program is born every day and desperate Americans line up for systems that are nothing more than false hope wrapped in a magic promise. Some ideas are so complicated that the average consumer would need a PhD to actually put it into play in their “real life,” or it’s a gimmick without results, derived by a clever market research firm. Other programs require a drastic change in lifestyle and hours a day dedicated to a militant program, that few would actually comply. Some consumers have the attitude that if they were rich and famous, then they would have the chefs, the trainers and the gurus at their disposal — and THAT would be the difference they needed to change their body forever. And last but not least, some programs fail merely due to a lack of belief and inspiration because the source is not exciting or loud enough.

There’s a fundamental gap between what consumers want (a simple solution that really works and does not cost a fortune) and what’s actually available (gimmicks, complex programs, and a lack of science-based results in a single program).

We also have a societal issue of competing programs. Let’s just say one had a solid healthy diet, but was doing too much cardio to build the muscle they wanted. Or one was lifting weights for muscle tone, but it was making them so tight that they were having injuries. Or one is doing yoga and getting flexible but eating way too much to see the lean muscle created. Or one is doing the “perfect’ diet and exercise to get lean but neglecting symmetry causing the body to guard and swell. Or one has so much stress that their stress levels compete with the rest of their program. The problem is that the medical providers don’t talk to nutritionists, which don’t talk to the trainers, which don’t talk to the massage therapists, which don’t talk to life coaches, which don’t even know WTF the client even wants, much less how to get it!! Even as you are reading this, I bet you are questioning your own plan.

Are YOU getting the most out of your body?

Could I function better? Could I be leaner? Could I be pain-free? Could I feel and look younger? Is there a secret out there that I don’t know about yet?” These are the questions we ask ourselves, and the answer is YES!

So how far is the journey between reality and “the best version of your physical self?” As Timothy Ferris so eloquently enlightened the world in his book “The 4 Hour Body,” most breakthroughs in performance and appearance enhancement go through an adaptation curve. Elite athletes and rich people receive the knowledge up to 20 years before it’s mainstream. In that concept, I stress the word KNOWLEDGE, because it is truly the knowledge that makes the difference — not the money or access.

But what if we could pull back the curtain on the TOTAL body care of A-list celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio and Demi Moore? Top athletes such as Arien Foster and Derek Jeter? Sports legends such as Herschel Walker and Dikembe Mutumbo? Music and fashion icons such as Timbaland and Donald Pliner? How do they look so amazing and perform so well? How are their careers, quality of life, speed, endurance, and aesthetics far superior? If YOU had UNLIMITED financial resources and access, what would you be able to accomplish in your health and beauty? That’s an incredible question, and the answer is… you would hire Ashley Black, just as they did.

What if there was a way to lose body fat in a healthy way quicker than you ever thought possible?

What if there was a “secret” system of the body that was so powerful it could accelerate your fat loss, remove pain, increase flexibility, improve muscle function and increase circulation? What if you could make life changes in literally minutes a day that would eliminate and prevent pain? What if you could feel younger, mentally focused, and more agile in your everyday activities? And what if there were a single human that could connect the dots of daily life to your health care, beauty and mental capacity in a single, simple, yet profound and life changing paradigm shift? And what if this person could deliver it you in an easy to follow format that you could begin on the first day? And what if she were willing to forgo her $1500 per session fee and share her knowledge and program for less than $25 with you? Would you be interested? …This is what Ashley Black offers in her GLASS CEILING BREAKING book “Get F’d!…Food Fitness Fascia Freedom.

Ashley Black is to the human body and the Hybrid Health movement what Suzie Orman is to money, Dr. Phil is to relationships, Rachel Ray is to food, Dr. Oz is to traditional medicine, Martha Stewart is to homemaking and Rachel Zoe is to fashion. These cultural icons bring interesting concepts to the masses through their unique views and skills paired with their charismatic delivery. Black has pioneered the study of fascia, the connective tissue that runs through every nook and cranny of our bodies that is penetrated by blood and nerve and affects literally every system of the body including the muscles, fat, lymphatic flow, brain and joints. Black’s mission is to shed light on the emerging field of Fasciology (which she founded in 1998 and is defined as the study of fascia’s relationship with the other systems of the body). Like Orman, Phil, Ray, Oz, Stewart and Zoe, Black has the charisma and mass appeal to make the science of fascia attainable, relatable and sexy. Fascia is nothing new. In fact, fascia was sketched by Leonardo DiVinci, studied in pockets around the world and is gaining attention in modern society… yet no one has been able to thrust it into mainstream!

This is Black’s Life Purpose

She has a powerful backstory, on camera presence, a laundry list of famous clients, research, over 13 years experience and the passion to spearhead a movement. This movement will lead to a 360-degree brand including books, media, products, services, certification, and ultimately — a shift in education. In her lead book “Get F’d,” Black will invite readers on a journey within themselves to unlock the secrets of their own body, release the shackles of traditional science, and discover a level of fitness and performance they never knew existed. She will share her resurgence from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and the battle with death that launched her into her life’s work and purpose.

Consumers WANT to be the best they can be; yet the missing piece of the puzzle is often fascia. Did you know that fascia could bind to fat and the surrounding tissues causing one to look fatter than they actually are, and keep them from losing fat and functioning at max capacity? This is mind-blowing stuff! She will introduce the “secret sauce” of fascia:what it is, how it works, how it affects everything else and how to treat it yourself. She will walk you step by step through what and when to eat to lean out and to maintain forever. In the fitness section, Black will teach you how to workout for specific goals, such as reducing body fat or putting on lean muscle. The freedom section addresses the confidence of knowing that you are walking a scientific path and approach to health as well as incorporating the laws of attraction to attain the ultimate body. Black will lace the knowledge of fascia and how it interplays with food, fitness and mental freedom, changing the very foundation of how one would approach “getting healthy.” With the additional knowledge of how fascia affects one’s ability to get fit, readers can love their legs once and for all, flatten hopeless tummies, rid themselves of cellulite, touch their toes for the first time and change their spines to look taller.

The Impossible will Become Possible

Get F’d” is a timeless book like “What to expect when you’re expecting” — except this book is the 101 of what to expect if you have a body and want to make the most of it! The program will be laid out so clearly that readers will use it as resource time and time again. Use it to get in shape pre/post baby, prepare the body for a specific sport, get ready for a high school reunion, change your body for wedding day, prevent back pain, age gracefully or any endless list of “wishes” for the body. “Get F’d” is the first step. This is not the book of something new… this is the book of WHAT WE MISSED! The path to “Getting F’d” has been built and anyone who has a body is invited to traverse the bridge and unleash the potential to become better than they ever imagined.

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