Weight Loss & Fascia

Did you know your connective tissue (FASCIA) can keep you from losing weight and body fat?

It's NOT your fault! This simple body hack fix will shock you!

3 Reasons Why People Can't Lose Weight No Matter What They Do

Welcome to 2016! Whether you've made a formal New Year's Resolution list or not, if you're like most of America, somewhere in your mind is a flashing red sign that says, "lose weight" or "tone up" and "do it THIS YEAR!" I'd even guess that it was on your goal list last year and for some unknown reason, you just haven't made the progress you wanted. Well, this issue really isn't "unknown", and today we are going to address it andempower you to take control of your weight loss and give you all the tools and knowledge you need to lean out and keep it off once and for all. 2016 can be the year your life completely changes!

If you've read my posts before or have watched any videos on my YouTube channel, you know that we are going to talk about the FASCIA (watch this video) —a topic that EVERYONE in the health and weight loss industry SHOULD be talking about because it is VITAL to the success of any weight loss program. And don't worry, we will not disappoint and leave you hanging on how to fix your fascia. We will introduce you to theFasciaBlaster®, which is the tool that restores fascia and is responsible for all the results included in this blog. 

If you are trying to lose weight or tone up and you aren't addressing your fascia, it's like having an amazing, supped up sports car tricked out with every kind of kit you can imagine…but without an engine. It might all sound really amazing and powerful but you simply aren't going to get anywhere. In this video, a real life client was dieting and exercising and getting injured and not losing any weight. Watch as I bring her leg to life using the FasciaBlaster®, visually showing how important the fascia is to her blood flow and her ability to contract, which we will talk about throughout the blog.

So, let's start with some very simple fat burning basics. You know that diet and exercise are important but you have to also understand that systems of the body operate off ofblood flow and nerve activity. Breaking down fat and building muscle definitely require BOTH! The fascia is like a casing for the blood and nerves, so if the casing is restrictive, then the blood and nerves won't function properly and certainly not OPTIMAL. If you take the time, energy and effort to diet and work out, wouldn't you want the fastest and best result to keep from getting discouraged?

The fascia casing is important for blood and nerves but it also is what causes the lumps and bumps of cellulite, "man boobs" and other distortions … which I talked about in another blog. This blog is about harnessing the power of the fascia to get the quickest result. Why "swim upstream" when you can open your FASCIA, release the blood and nerves and take the FAST TRACK to leaning out? It's that simple. Here's why…

How Fascia Affects Blood Flow & Why You Should Care

If this is the first time you are hearing about your fascia system – congratulations - and get ready to have your mind blown! Make sure that you visited the previous links on what fascia is, because if you've never heard of or seen it you'll be shocked to know that the masses have MISSED an entire system of the body! Here are a few pics of real human fascia and here is an entire radio show - my first - that was devoted to "how the 'F' did we miss this?"  

In this video I am working with a Major League baseball player who flew me out to his camp because he was unable to throw without pain. You can clearly see how the fascia restricts the blood flow and it's just a great demonstration of how fascia can screw up your weight loss and "functioning" attempts.


  • Cardiac output is significantly reduced which means you are going to burn less calories and fat per workout session than if your blood were flowing more freely. Isn't that disheartening? Someone with good fascia will burn more calories than someone with bad fascia.
  • Inefficient breakdown of fat. Fat cells require oxygen to break down. What carries oxygen to the fat cells? Yes, your blood. Less oxygen to the fat cells means inefficient break down of fat. Again, why is this not being talked about in every gym if everyone wants to shred fat? Restore the fascia and bring on the oxygen baby!
  • Nutrient transport is reduced. Because blood carries the nutrients to the cells, tight fascia restricts the transport of the protein, collagen and elastin that makes the skin look youthful and more supple. I explain in this quick whiteboard demonstration. We also have had great result with "Mommy tummies" and saggy thighs and even the dreaded belly overhang.


  • Inefficient development of muscles. If the blood can't carry nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, glycogen can't break down efficiently in order to build more muscle mass. Less muscle mass equals less calories burned at a resting rate. I think this is concept that people just don't get! We have the "skinny culture". But if you're skinny without muscle, you will have to eat almost nothing to stay there. I want you to eat well, have nice tone and have the ability to condition your muscles!



So you may start to see why some areas of the body shrink faster than other areas. You may see muscles pop up by opening the fascia. Better blood flow, better fascia and better nerve activity in different parts of the body explains it! ​This man is laying relaxed and look at the change in shape of his calves just from 5 minutes of FasciaBlasting!

Even if you are severely overweight, the fascia and the FasciaBlaster® should be your first stop! Look at the 30 day change from just a little restoration!

Fascia and Your Nerves

If you have done squats and lunges endlessly and can't grow a butt or get rid of that inner thigh jiggle, or if there is another area of the body that you just can't seem to reduce or build, your fascia might be on your last nerve—literally! Tight fascia impedes nerve activity the same way it impedes proper blood flow.

  • These 2 videos show how the FasciaBlaster® gives these athletes access to their muscles, which I like to refer to as your "fat burning engines".

MLB player explains how the FasciaBlaster® wakes up his leg!
Figure competitor get hip flexors for the first time

It saddens me to see people killing it in the gym with no muscle access, looking the same week after week. If your fascia is open and you are training, your body should change QUICKLY!

The nervous system is housed in the spine and it is the super highway of communication between the brain and the body. If one route in the body is blocked by tight fascia, the nerve signal will reroute to another part of the body in order to get the job done that the brain is asking it to do. I've treated NFL football players who could do full squats and never fire their quads because for this reason! Every other muscle in the leg would fire up except the right ones for the job. And it doesn't matter how many trainers you hire, or how much money you throw at the problem, the fascia problem must be addressed. 


Here's what happens when tight fascia is all over your nerves:

  • Muscle access is cut off. If your fascia is choking out your nervous system, your muscles simply aren't going to fire properly. This is clearly demonstrated in the videos above in this section.
  • Calorie burning is restricted. Much like how restricted blood flow affects how you burn calories, restricted muscle access does too. If you aren't firing and building muscle you aren't burning calories as efficiently as you could. Especially if the large muscle groups aren't getting proper nerve activity. And in case you want to build muscle in the biggest muscle groups, loosely put, they are the legs, back and the chest. I know we all want to focus on our "trouble areas", but if you want fat burning machines, these are your never fail go-to groups.
  • Injury becomes more common. When the body is constantly trying to reroute nerve signal and the wrong muscles are firing for what the body is requiring, the body is knocked out of homeostasis and injury occurs. And when you're injured, you're less active and more likely to just enjoy junk food on the couch! I explain this more in this part of my website

Tight Fascia Affects Orthopedics

Speaking of injuries, every day I get messages from people who are trying to get in shape but they just keep hurting themselves. That's because fascia is one ginormous web throughout the entire body and it can twist and torque anyway it wants. If a person is inactive and has unhealthy fascia, they aren't going to notice it much, but as soon as they start moving around and becoming active, the entire fascia system is being called upon. When there are kinks and knots throughout the system, there is bound to be trouble! Loosening the fascia promotes optimal blood flow and nerve activity, supporting balance throughout the musculoskeletal system.

People who are "fascia bound" have the hardest time losing weight. Restoring and loosening the fascia is easily done in the privacy of your own home. You don't need expensive gym memberships or pills and you don't need to pay an "expert." If you want lots of freebies, simply order the FasciaBlaster™ at www.FasciaBlaster.com. Personal message me directly with your pictures, full body front, back and side. I will evaluate you orthopedically and send FasciaBlaster® videos that correspond to your issues. I will also send you a free diet and exercise plan based on your fitness goals. This is all complimentary for becoming a FasciaBlaster® client. And we saved the best for last. The FasciaBlaster®, for total fascial restoration is a ONE TIME FEE of $89!! We also have DVDs that reinforce healthy biomechanics that build muscle, burn fat and keep fascia healthy. They can be purchased as the "ICE Foundations Kit" or added to your FasciaBlaster® (with the bonus of another little tool, the nugget) as part of the "Black Pack" for $199 on AshleyBlackSystems.com!

So regardless of the route you take for weight loss this NEW YEAR… make sure your plans include FASCIA AWARENESS. I am here to help anyway I can. Watch this video to find out more about me and my life's purpose!

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