The 29 FasciaBlasting Zones

The 29 FasciaBlasting Zones

Protocols for using the FasciaBlaster®:

    1. The front of your right thigh
    2. The front of your left thigh
    3. The back & side of the right thigh
    4. The back & side of the left thigh
    5. Right IT Band
    6. Left IT Band
    7. Inner Right Thigh
    8. Inner Left Thigh
    9. Right Lower Leg
    10. Left Lower Leg
    11. Right Saddle Bag
    12. Left Saddle Bag
    13. Right Glute/Hammy Tie in
    14. Left Glute/Hammy Tie in
    15. Right Glute
    16. Left Glute
    17. Stomach
    18. Right Love Handle
    19. Left Love Handle
    20. Right Arm
    21. Left Arm
    22. Chest
    23. Right Neck
    24. Left Neck
    25. Back of Neck
    26. Head
    27. Hands
    28. Feet
    29. Spine

• To FasciaBlast your whole body as explained above, alternate areas every other day (pick 7 zones to do 1 day and 7 zones the next day). Here's a full body tutorial!

• You should spend a minimum of 3-5 minutes on each zone. Any 1 area may be worked on for up to 10 minutes. If you only want to focus on your trouble areas (where you have the most "dimples" or crappy fascia) you can work on those spots every day for up to 10 minutes/area. Watch this video to learn how much pressure to apply with the FasciaBlaster®. You can use this technique for any sensitive or painful areas!

• Initially you might experience light to severe bruising – this is normal! Wait a few days for the bruises to heal (until they're no longer painful) before you FasciaBlast again. (Read the blog post:

• Make sure you ONLY use the FasciaBlaster® after warming up (with 10-15 minutes of cardio and external heat - such as a sauna, hot bath/shower or heating pads, a room heater, etc...) on bare skin with a "slippery" massage/baby oil that doesn't absorb.

• If you normally foam roll, do so AFTER using the FasciaBlaster®.

• To break up fat, CONTRACT the muscle while you blast; to break up fascial adhesions (to get rid of cellulite), RELAX the muscle. You can do BOTH in the same session!




1. How long do you Fasciablast each area?

3-5 minutes

2. How hard do you rub the blaster?

It hurts at first! But don't worry it gets easier! From 1-10 your pain level should be NO MORE than a 7. Watch my YouTube video "How hard do I FasciaBlast you ask? Get Rid Of Cellulite!" for more info. You can also use this technique on any painful/tender area!

3. How often are you supposed to use it?

This varies also. If you have one or more specific trouble areas, we suggest you FasciaBlast that same area every 3 or so days, whenever the pain associated with bruising goes away. If you are not experiencing bruising, you can FasciaBlast it every day or every other day (up to 10 minutes per zone)

4. How long should I wait after bruising?

Wait until any pain associated with the bruising goes away. Do NOT blast over any sore/inflamed/very bruised areas! Let those spots heal - you can always blast any other area in the meantime!

5. I have a lot of spider veins; can it cause more?

Usually spider veins get better! Go slow & see how your body reacts. The FasciaBlaster® provides an overall full body loosening, allowing blood to flow freely, maximizing our cardiovascular output and also breaks up peripheral arteries! Watch this video to learn the science!

6. Should the muscle be taut or relaxed?

If you contract your muscles, you'll be breaking up fat! If your muscle is relaxed, you'll be breaking up fascial adhesions. You can do BOTH in the same session! If you wanna break down fat AND get rid of cellulite (break up adhesions) then first RELAX the muscle for 3-5 min of blasting and THEN contract for @ 5 minutes in that same zone!

7. When I was a massage therapist, I was taught to only rotate clockwise on the stomach otherwise you can cause digestion issues. Is that what you do?

The FasciaBlaster® is loosening fascia and not digging into your intestines, so the direction doesn't matter.

8. How soon will you start to see results?

You will see and FEEL some results immediately! The REAL results will come in 30-60 days!

9. Once I achieve results, what's the maintenance program?

Fascia becomes distorted and adhered due to a multitude of factors such as alignment, diet, stress, overuse etc. You can FasciaBlast various parts of your body for up to 10 minutes/day. Some just use it 3-5 times/week for maintenance – it really depends on YOU!

10. How do I use the FasciaBlaster®?

Use on bare skin with oil, rubbing briskly between the skin & muscle. Watch this video for a demo! Remember that the body and the fascia LOVE heat – because it increases the circulation and also puts the fascia in a more "jello-like" state. So get in the sauna or a hot bath/shower for better results!

11. What oil should I use?

We JUST launched our "Blaster Oil" (ingredients to help get rid of cellulite) and "After Blaster" (healing properties like arnica and skin tightening ingredients) prototypes to our loyal and faithful BLASTERS for a limited time!!! I personally formulated the Blaster Oil and After Blaster for the specific needs of the FasciaBlaster® user. I've actually been using the oils on myself, my family and my own clients for about 6 months and now I refuse to use anything else! These will take your results to the NEXT LEVEL!!!

Or any type of avocado/grapefruit/baby/massage oil will work (make sure you're not allergic!). 

12. Why is healthy fascia important?

Fascia is one of the most profound systems in the entire body – affecting EVERYTHING we do! Watch my video for more info.

13. Do I have to use heat?

The FasciaBlaster® is most effective when the fascia is warm. Try cardio, sauna, bath, steam shower, hot yoga, or hot packs for best results. Here's my routine!

14. Where can I use the FasciaBlaster®?

EVERYWHERE! The FasciaBlaster® is specially designed for consumers to reach EVERY area of their body. Here are some playlists that will show you the correct techniques for each area of your body:

15. Should I use the FasciaBlaster® & the Foam Roller?

The foam roller is for muscles and the FasciaBlaster® is for fascia. The 2 can work together!

16. Why does the FasciaBlaster® make me look leaner?

The FasciaBlaster® breaks up fascial adhesions which reduces swelling & inflammation & allows the fascia to lay flat and smooth. It can also "lyse" fat cells (like popping a balloon!!). You can read more in these blog posts: 



17. Does the FasciaBlaster® cause bruising?

As fascial adhesions release, blood flow will be re-established, causing the appearance of bruises. This is part of the healing process. You have total control over how hard to blast & should go at your own comfort level. Read more:

18. Can I order if I live outside the US?

Yes, please email and my assistants will process your order.

19. When will the Minis be available? 

We're bout to launch the NEW Mini 2!!! If you would like to be added to the waitlist for the Mini 2, please fill out this sign-up form!

The Face Blaster is still in production and won't be available until 2017! If you would like to be added to the waitlist for the Face Blaster, please fill out this sign-up form! Here's a sneak peak of the face blaster!

20. Does this work on scars (C section/scar tissue)?

YES! If you have scars on your hip, knee, C section, ankle, shoulders – ANYWHERE – FasciaBlasting right over the scar (hurts so good!) releases that "puling" that can twist you out of alignment! You can go in the direction of the scar, or cross fiber (side to side), or use one little claw to dig out the painful parts.

Watch this video where my hubby demonstrates how to break up scar tissue using my hip replacement scar as the demo!

This video explains the science!

21. How long will it take to arrive?

Usually 7-10 days. For international orders or questions about shipping/tracking info please email

22. If I see cracks or breakages what should I do?

We have a policy to replace any breakages caused by manufacturer defects, so please email with the following info so they can see if you qualify for a free replacement:


-a FULL LENGTH picture of the FasciaBlaster® that clearly shows the batch # (located between the 2 claws in the middle of the blaster). If you FasciaBlaster® is from an older batch it might not have a batch #.

-a clear/readable CLOSE UP picture of the batch #

-AND a close up of the broken claw(s)

2. Your address

3. Your order number

4. The name you used to place your order

22. What should I expect?

  • BRUISES! Totally normal and part of the process!
  • SOMETIMES you'll feel dizzy, nauseous and like you have a mild cold/flu. This is part of the initial detox process! It doesn't happen to everyone, but don't freak out! Drink a LOT of water and rest and it should pass in a few hours!
  • The next day you'll probably be sore (good sore ;) - like a post workout sore). You may feel tingly (enhanced blood flow/circulation).
  • You'll soon feel more ENERGIZED, better muscle performance/recovery, smoother/healthier skin and a body that functions at 100%! The list of benefits are ENDLESS!!

Here are some playlists that will show you the correct techniques for each area of your body!


Got questions? Message me directly on my Facebook page and I'll personally respond to guide and advise you!

You should also check out our closed facebook groups: - female FasciaBlasters - FasciaBlasters for Men

You can see REAL user's updates on their continued progress and experiences and get answers to your questions and support while you go through this AMAZING transformation!

Here are some of our main resources, tutorials and guidelines for you to read and watch to make sure you're following the proper techniques to ensure you get the best results:

Happy Blasting!

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