The Newbie’s Guide to the FasciaBlaster®

The Newbie’s Guide to the FasciaBlaster®

The FasciaBlaster is a self-use tool designed to treat and restore the fascia which can aid in reducing the look of cellulite, pain management and releasing tension and restriction, and improving muscle performance and recovery, blood flow, and nerve function.




How to Use the FasciaBlaster 


Step 1: Heat

For best results, warm up internally with about 10-15 minutes of exercise, then warm up externally with a hot shower, bath, sauna, or heating pads. Heat helps increase circulation, puts the fascia in a more malleable state, and prepares the tissue for optimal restoration.


Step 2: Apply Oil to Bare Skin

Always use oil when using the FasciaBlaster to ensure that the claws glide smoothly and easily over the skin. We recommend using the Blaster Oil® – it’s designed specifically for FasciaBlasting and is compounded with 3 algaes that have shown to burn stored fat which helps with the visible reduction of cellulite.


Step 3: Rub the FasciaBlaster on Your Skin


Use the FasciaBlaster in a brisk up and down, side to side in every direction motion, EXCEPT in circles. Start out with light pressure. The claws should glide easily on your skin and your skin should turn red, indicating an increase in blood flow.



Step 4: Apply the After Blaster Cream™

Use your hands to flush and massage the After Blaster Cream, which contains a high-quality arnica and other ingredients that aid recovery.





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