Fit Fascia Challenge – Your Guide to Fascia Health

Fit Fascia Challenge – Your Guide to Fascia Health

Are you in for the #FitFasciaChallenge?

This 6-week customizable program will be the motivation you need to make some simple adjustments to your daily habits to help promote fascia health!

Fascia is an interconnected communication system that envelops and surrounds every muscle, blood vessel, nerve, and organ – all the way down to the cellular level. It’s no wonder that a host of factors can affect the state of your fascia. In this lifestyle challenge, we’ll walk you through the major contributors to fascial health and show you how to adapt them to your daily routine so you can have a more fascia-friendly lifestyle!

Search the #FitFasciaChallenge hashtag in the FasciaBlasters group to see the daily informative posts and video tutorials!

You can join and follow this challenge at your own pace! There are no prizes or winners, and this is not a contest; it’s intended as a lifestyle change that you can follow for a few months or incorporate into your ongoing health and fitness routines! 

We can’t wait to join hands with you on this journey to wellness and improved quality of life!




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