Welcome to the Official Heart Butt Challenge!

April 20 - June 20
Let the butt shaping begin!

If you haven't read the Heart Butt blog, please study the instructions, video tutorials, and information, as we will be referencing it throughout this program.

Here are the steps to follow for the 60-day #HeartButtChallenge:

#1. Fascia Release: Use the FasciaBlaster® to release the fascia that is binding fat into strange shapes and fat pockets.

#2. Build-A-Butt: Shape and fill out the glutes using targeted exercises (3-5x a week).

#3. Lifestyle Everything you need to know from posture and hydration to tanning and not wearing clothing that’s too tight.


We’re gonna break the program into weekly topics to help you focus on and understand each step to getting that coveted #HeartButt.

Click on the thumbnails below to review the weekly topics.
Fascia Release Muscle Isolation & Activation Posture 
Everything Else Add Resistance Nugget Techniques

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