The Heart Butt Challenge – Week 6

The Heart Butt Challenge – Week 6

The Nugget

This week’s HeartButt Challenge topic is incorporating the Nugget into your regimen. When used correctly on tissue that is ready for deeper treatment, the Nugget is a total gamechanger and will accelerate your results and take them to a whole new level.


That’s right, like it or not, we’re “throwing back” to week 1 again. Easing into the process is THAT important! Prepping the tissue and restoring the fascia one layer at a time is not only important for the process of restoring the fascia, but it will improve your results in regard to appearance and reduce recovery time.


The Nugget is adorable, but it’s also a super powerful tool and should only be incorporated into your blasting regimen when your tissue is ready. Refer to Week 1 to reread the tips on how to gauge if you’re ready for deeper treatment.

Since this tool is very powerful in the hands of a trained individual, we’ve laid out some steps which are very important to keep in mind throughout your session. There is a whole blog that talks about how to use the Nugget successfully


Now that we’ve made that point crystal clear, let’s go into what the Nugget is useful for, and how you can use it to get the most out of your blasting session.

The Nugget serves 3 purposes: trigger point therapy, reaching the layers where adhesions causing deeper dents are found, and “breaking up” chunky areas. In this #HeartButtChallenge, we’re focusing on the latter. Do you have an area that is taking longer to improve? Blasting releases fascial adhesions, but sometimes an area is so bound up from years and years of fascial recoil that it could take longer to break up by solely using the FasciaBlaster®…enter Nugget!

Often times, the most fascia bound zones will feel hard and firm and not easy to pinch. The fascia has clamped down time and time again, adhering over and over, kind of like putting numerous Bandaids over the same area…not a pretty picture. Try this pinch test to help locate where you might have fascia chunks. Use the Nugget to help break up this chunky area and smooth out the compounded adhesion. Saddlebags and love handles are popular “beyond bound” areas and play a huge part in the aesthetics of our #HeartButt, so smoothing those out will definitely help us achieve that shape!

One of our users made this super helpful tutorial on how to identify a chunk and which techniques to use.

Since this tool is very powerful in the hands of a trained individual, we’ve laid out some steps which are very important to keep in mind throughout your session. There is a whole blog that talks about how to use the Nugget successfully and where and where not to use it. I recommend each of you read and study that blog before incorporating this tool into your sessions. Here are the steps you should follow: 

Step 1: Heat

We all know heating the tissue is important for fascial manipulation, as it puts the tissue in a more malleable state, and this is especially needed when Nuggeting. Because the Nugget gets into the deeper layers of fascia, it’s essential that the tissue is warmed up. Refer to this blog for more information on heat and fascia.


Step 2: Blast lightly

Now that you’ve warmed up the tissue, oil up and blast lightly. This is to bring blood flow to the area and further open up the fascia for deeper treatment. We’ve talked about using the FaceBlaster™ for this step, as the tiny claws are awesome for prepping the area pre-blasting. You’ll want to stay on this step for about 1-3 minutes.


Step 3: Blast harder

We’re hot, we’ve warmed up, and now we can go a bit deeper. Grab your FasciaBlaster® or Mini2™ and blast for 1-3 minutes. Remember that blasting deeper doesn’t mean it should hurt more, so stay at a 2-4 on the pain scale. If blasting with additional pressure takes you above a 2-4 on the pain scale, you’re most likely not ready for Nuggeting. Please back out and do not incorporate the Nugget at this time. 


Step 4: Nugget

Are you using the Nugget, Mini2™, or Mini1™? On the Nugget and Mini2, there are 2 ends. If you look closely, one is thicker and more blunt while the other is pointier. We’ll use the blunt end today! There are 2 techniques we can use to break up areas:

Tapping: Tapping is where you take the blunt end of the Nugget and tap all around the chunky area. Remember that this is a light tap and not a stab! Follow the technique shown in this video.

Poke and wiggle, wiggle: For this technique, using the blunt end of the Nugget, poke the chunky area and do a quick “wiggle” while pressing down. You’ll want to do this technique all around the chunky area, as well as the center.


Step 5: Blast again (flush)

We brushed on this topic in Week 4, but flushing is going to be a big part of your Nuggeting routine. It’s important to flush out the inflammation and get the blood flow moving to reduce the appearance of bruising and aid recovery. Performing this light flushing, either with the FasciaBlaster® or with your hands, will help move the inflammation and reduce swelling in the area. Refer to this playlist for tutorials.

Step 6: Activate

Again, we’ve been addressing this topic throughout the challenge, but it’s so important that you remember to activate after each FasciaBlasting session, but more importantly after Nuggeting. Aside from the obvious “building your muscles will get you your #BootyGoals”, bringing blood flow and nerve activity to the area is huge for your results and recovery. Please don’t skip this vital step! Check out tutorials here to give you an idea of what we mean by “activating”.



Week 6 is officially a go! The finish line is closer than ever and I can’t wait to hear from each of you about how these new tips have helped your progress. Remember that you don’t have to wait till August 1st to post a video and get tips from me, my team, or your #BlasterSisters. We’re all here to cheer you on and make sure you have the right tools to ace this challenge! 

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