The Heart Butt Challenge – Week 7

The Heart Butt Challenge – Week 7

Congratulations! You’ve Made it to the Last Week of the #HeartButtChallenge!

How exciting is this? We’re in the homestretch and you’ve all done an amazing job! I’m sure it’s going to be so hard to pick out a winner since you’ve all come so far. 


This week we’re focusing on recovery! I recommend using the FaceBlaster™ to stay light and brisk at the surface layer to get the blood flow to the surface and smooth out the area.

When you’re getting ready to show off that booty, you don’t want to have just finished an intense session! Just like you would back out a bit before going on vacation or on a cruise, go lightly and stay surface level for this week.



This week we’re going to focus on backing out and polishing off. The Nugget addition from last week helped us reach the deeper layers, and now it’s time to smooth out, restore, and recover. Do you know how important recovery time is to your blasting results? Allowing your body the chance to repair and recuperate is vital, and you’ll see and feel the difference when it comes to the final reveal.


One important recovery tip is flushing. I know you’ve heard me talk about it in the past, but stimulating the blood flow and lymph in the area and moving out inflammation and metabolic waste is necessary for overall fascia health and perfecting the shape of your HeartButt.

Flushing with the After Blaster cream will help reduce the bruising and hydrate the skin to make it shiny and beautiful! Check out this user tutorial where she talks about why flushing is so important in her personal regimen.


Proper hydration is another vital addition to your recovery plan. Not only will keeping hydrated help the fascia to stay pliable and healthy, but it also gives your skin a beautiful glow and boosts your energy and so much more. Hydration is one of my top beauty tips!

My bestselling book The Cellulite Myth talks all about hydration, why it’s important, and what effect it has on the fascia.

Getting a tan or a spray tan is another somthin’ somthin’ you can do to really show off your newly acquired definition. Everyone knows that a good tan enhances your cuts and what you’ve worked so hard for and give you an extra glow.



During this challenge, we broke it down and laid things out as clearly as possible to make sure you’d all get the most out of these 60 days. We’re stoked to see your final result and can’t wait to celebrate this major achievement with you all!

Action Steps: 3-5 times a week

– Flush with the After Blaster cream

– Only use the FaceBlaster or stay very light and surface level with the FasciaBlaster for any last minute polishing off

– Do the Heart Butt exercises 3-5 days a week + add resistance

– Optional: 20 minutes of low impact cardio 2-5 times a week

 On Tuesday, August 1, post your final 60-day #HeartButtChallenge video in the FasicaBlasters facebook group, and we will select ONE lucky winner who has the most dramatic improvement and changes in shape, size, and texture to be featured on my Heart Butt Blog AND receive:

✓ $1,000 CA$H

✓ A “live like Ashley” gift bag

I really hope that these weekly tips have been helpful for each and every one of my beauties who have been working on their HeartButt! 

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