I.C.E. Foundations DVD Kit

I.C.E. Foundations DVD Kit

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The at-home solution for becoming structurally and mechanically sound, fixing misalignments, and imbalances and experiencing a head to toe "muscle memory makeover". Whether you’re recovering from an injury or you're a seasoned exerciser or athlete, everyone begins with the I.C.E.® Foundations DVD kit. I.C.E.® methods completely reprogram the way your body functions and teaches you to move correctly, allowing you to become structurally and mechanically aligned and maximize every movement’s efficiency.

Click here for samples of I.C.E.® exercises!

Included in the I.C.E.® Foundations DVD Kit:

- 4 Instructional DVDs:

  1. Things You Need to Know
  2. Prone Core
  3. Upper Body
  4. Lower Body

- A specially designed stability ball & pump

- Resistance bands designed for the I.C.E.® exercises

- An Ashley Black Fasciology™ bag

Note: the pole is not included, but you may use a door post or any household post to fasten the bands to.

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