Fibromyalgia is a set of symptoms that result when the fascia (the body's connective tissue and fluid system) becomes extremely tight all over. Our blood and nerves run through the fascia, and tight fascia can cause these two systems to work less efficiently and cause pain.

The FasciaBlaster® has shown to smooth and restore the fascia in studies with ultrasound imaging, lessening the pain associated with Fibromyalgia.


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"This product by Ashley Black has literally changed my life! I had debilitating fibromyalgia (age 47). I'm so grateful and happy to report I am off medication and can move without pain"

- Nicole

"I absolutely love the Fascia Blaster! Not only am I reshaping my body, I'm also killing the pain I've had from Fibromyalgia since 1999!"

- Jodie

"I bought the FasciaBlaster to help with fibromyalgia pain; getting rid of cellulite was a bonus! The fasciablaster has helped improve my pain so much."

- Jana

How To Use The FasciaBlaster®


#1 Bestselling Author and TEDx speaker Ashley Black explains the difference in the FasciaBlaster® tools!

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If you could only have one, start with the original FasciaBlaster® - designed to reach every area of your body.

- Lessen the look of cellulite

- Reduce pain

- Accelerate muscle recovery

- Improve blood flow

- Increase flexibility

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The Mini1™

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The Mini1™ has a handle to treat those hard-to-reach areas like the back. The pointy Nugget ends assist with trigger point therapy for chunky, stubborn areas.

The Mini2™

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The Mini2™ is handheld to help you reach smaller spaces. The pointy Nugget ends assist with trigger point therapy for chunky, stubborn areas.

The FaceBlaster™

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The FaceBlaster™ is specially designed for the face however, many users use it all over the body as a prep tool because the claws are smaller.

The MasterBlaster™

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The MasterBlaster™ is interesting in that it is a great prep tool for beginners, but as the fascia begins to open and you can go deeper, the MasterBlaster™ becomes an advanced tool, like a fine tooth comb for tangled fascia.

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