FasciaBlaster® Breaks Up Fat

The FasciaBlaster® works faster and more effectively than the fat freezing or cooling procedures that are sweeping the nation, claiming to reduce exercise and diet resistant fat pockets. Prior to fat cooling procedures, the only well-known way to spot reduce (commonly called sculpting or contouring) was with Liposuction.

It’s common knowledge that weight gain occurs when the fat cells that are already present in our bodies get bigger, and weight loss occurs when they get smaller with diet and exercise. The stubborn pockets of fat that are difficult to lose are due to genetics and create different body types such as muffin tops, love handles or lower belly fat.

The FasciaBlaster® can change all that by breaking up fascial adhesions that are trapping fat, blood, nerves and other tissues, and allowing the fascia to lay flat and smooth! By simply scrubbing the FasciaBlaster® over an area of fat that you want to break up, you can reduce unwanted fat pockets, and “spot reduce” and contour areas of your body!

Ashley Black happened upon this incredible use for the FasciaBlaster® after learning that the fat cooling technique was discovered when children who ate popsicles developed dimples from the loss of fat in their cheeks. She saw a similar void of fat in her initial studies on cellulite. Black and her team scientifically theorize that the FasciaBlaster® manually breaks down (lyses) the fat cells - like popping a balloon!

We already know that the FasciaBlaster® increases blood flow, so if the fat cell is already broken down, the blood would disperse the fat within 48 hours. Initial findings clearly show the instant fat loss.

We are thrilled with this new discovery in the fitness and weight loss community, and that we can be as effective, but quicker and cheaper than the cooling procedures that cost up to $5,000. This is a huge theoretical breakthrough in fat loss!