FasciaBlaster® Lessens the Look of Cellulite

The name of the game in beauty is a contoured body and great skin. The FasciaBlaster™ lessens the look of cellulite and stimulates blood flow for beautiful skin.

When fascia is tight or adhered it forms a grid just below the skin like a chain link fence. Any fat pushing up through the fascia will look like a marshmallow pushing through the chain link fence, which is what causes the look of cellulite. By using the FasciaBlaster® to loosen, break up, and smooth out fascial restrictions, we can lessen the look of cellulite!

In this video I explain what cellulite is and why no one has figured it out UNTIL NOW.

With the FasciaBlaster®, blood flow can be improved and the skin often looks more youthful. The FasciaBlaster® is the #1 selling product on the market to address the connective tissue – fascia. Research is continuing to demonstrate that fascia is the cause of cellulite. Therapists and customers alike continue to say the Fasciablaster is their "go to" tool and nothing else compares.  It simply works!  Just ask our customers.

Helping to end Dimply, Puckered Skin by Understanding Connective Tissue