FasciaBlaster® Lessens the Look of Cellulite

The name of the game in beauty is a contoured body and great skin. The FasciaBlaster™ lessens the look of cellulite and stimulates blood flow for beautiful skin.

When fascia is tight or adhered it forms a grid just below the skin like a chain link fence. Any fat pushing up through the fascia will look like a marshmallow pushing through the chain link fence, which is what causes the look of cellulite. By using the FasciaBlaster® to loosen, break up, and smooth out fascial restrictions, we can lessen the look of cellulite!

In this video I explain what cellulite is and why no one has figured it out UNTIL NOW.

In this video I talk about the different types of cellulite and how to FIX them with the FasciaBlaster®!

With the FasciaBlaster®, blood flow is improved and the skin looks more youthful. The FasciaBlaster® is the only product on the market to address the connective tissue – fascia - despite all the research that proves that fascia is the cause of cellulite. This technology is one of a kind and it really works!

Ending Dimply, Puckered Skin by Understanding Connective Tissue