FasciaBlaster® Improves Blood Flow

Arteries and veins run through the fascia all throughout the body, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the cells. When fascia is tight and distorted, your blood supply is limited - like a kink in a garden hose - and your cells don't get the vital nutrients and oxygen they need. 

The FasciaBlaster® opens the fascia and provides a full body loosening, allowing blood to flow freely, maximizing our cardiovascular output.

Blood supply comes all the way up through all the layers of muscle, fat and fascia to get to the skin. Your blood carries oxygen, collagen, elastin and other vitals that contribute to your skin looking more youthful, clear and healthy. If fascial distortions are restricting your blood supply, your skin is not able to get those nutrients.

The FasciaBlaster® is able to penetrate down into each layer of fascia to break up the adhesions and tightness, making sure the blood supply is able to reach every area of your skin. 

After using the FasciaBlaster® for a few minutes, you’ll see the blood rushing to the area as it starts to turn red. With continued, consistent use, we’ve seen the FasciaBlaster® help a lot of users with skin tightening and improving the overall appearance and health of their skin. This is an amazing benefit of the FasciaBlaster®!

Whether you’re in chronic pain or are physically fit, the FasciaBlaster® can help you by allowing the body to function optimally through loose, open fascia. 
By increasing blood flow , you’ll get a host of other benefits such as: better nutrients to the cell, more oxygen, less scar tissue, improved sports performance, and much more!

The FasciaBlaster® a must-have tool for anyone who wants to be healthier!