The FasciaBlaster® Helps Improve Muscle Performance, Function and Recovery!

Every athlete knows that three things make all the difference in performance:

1. The range of motion needed for the sport
2. Maximum firing of the muscles
3. Not being in pain

The FasciaBlaster® is even more effective than the foam roller for breaking up adhesions in the fascia that limit the range of motion, blood supply, nerve activity, and muscle output. The FasciaBlaster® can allow the muscles to fire harder because the nerves that control muscles are stimulated by the FasciaBlaster®.

When fascia is tight, it restricts the nerve signal. Nerves are the messengers that send signals from the brain to the muscles. When the signal is interrupted or choked out, the muscle output is lessened.

Tight fascia also can encase muscles, preventing muscle growth and definition to show through. If you’re big enough, you can actually outgrow your fascia and limit the muscle growth.

In order to recover from a repetitive strain injury involving nerves, it’s imperative to release any fascial adhesions that are restricting the nerve, which means releasing the entire pathway of the nerve so that normal mobility is restored.

This is best accomplished by internally stretching and breaking up the fascial adhesions surrounding the nerves with the FasciaBlaster®, which allows the adhered areas that affect the nerves to release, and function.

Research indicates muscles that have been palpated by the FasciaBlaster® have over 200% more output.

The FasciaBlaster®:

  • Can improves the muscles response to activity
  • Helps muscles to fire harder and more efficiently
  • Helps improves flexibility

The FasciaBlaster® is also a great pain management tool for tight, achy muscles, joints and past injuries. The control is now in your hands… literally!