Cecilia Ramirez Harris

Natural Health Expert / Bestselling Author

What makes you 'cool' ;) any awards or accolades?

For over 20 years I’ve been transforming lives in the Latin American world by making information about health and wellness accessible to a wider audience.
As an international TV broadcaster, I’m most well known for my segment ‘Vida Sana con Cecilia’ or ‘Healthy Living with Cecilia’ where I’ve reached millions across the US and many Latin American countries and brought them ways of healing with simple changes in their lifestyle.
I’ve also covered topics of motivation and beauty which is where I met Ashley Black!
To me, the greatest award is meeting people whose lives have been positively transformed by my work.
Seeing the tremendous life changes I could bring to them and their families inspired me to create a movement for a healthier Latin world and led me to write two books.

Tell us more about what you enjoy doing - Your passions besides work.

I enjoy building people up by helping them take control of their health and learning how what we eat can affect every aspect of our lives. I also help them realize that they have the power to control food instead of letting food control them.

What is the name of your program?

Empowerment Through Food. 

Are you going to be leading the FaceBook group on your topic?

Yes, Fasting for FasciaBlasters

What is your 'story' & your 'Why'?

A couple of years ago I wrote my first book "El Diario de Mi Detox" (My Detox Diary) about detoxing with green juices. It had an amazing response due to the impressive results people were getting and they always asked me: What comes after the detox? My answer is Intermittent Fasting, the best way to not only maintain the amazing results of higher energy and weight loss from detoxing but also to have better overall health. That’s when I wrote my second book which explains everything you need to know about this incredible eating pattern.

Give us a brief summary of your topic.

I’m going to be teaching about Intermittent Fasting, a system of voluntarily stopping eating during certain periods of time and having a feeding window of an exact amount of hours. I will explain the science behind fasting that allows the body to take a break from digestion and use fat as fuel to live, which results in weight loss along with many health benefits for the heart and brain.

We’ll talk about the many types of intermittent fasting but go in depth on the 2 most popular styles: 5:2 and 16:8.

Last words of wisdom?

Eating Fresh. Healthy and Clean.