Julie Chelberg


What makes you 'cool' ;) any awards or accolades?

My doctor dropped the “F” bomb on me and I gave it back. I use to suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain.  Medication and symptom free now!

Tell us more about what you enjoy doing - Your passions besides work.

In my spare time, I love being active outdoors whether it’s cycling, hiking, paddle boarding, swimming pool, or going to the beach.

What is the name of your program?


Are you going to be leading the FaceBook group on your topic?

Yes, FasciaYoga

What is your 'story' & your 'Why'?

Always on a quest to manage pain, I started Fasciablasting in 2015 and became a group motivator and video content creator for Ashley Black. Being a licensed massage therapist and yoga teacher, I quickly appreciated how using the ball for FasciaYoga.  It quickly became a regular practice for me and I recently started teaching it at SumitsYoga in Scottsdale to share with as many people as possible. Excited to announce I will be working on a FasciaYoga training certification to certify others wanting to teach this life-changing program.

Give us a brief summary of your topic.

I will be teaching you about fascia lines, discussing common fascial dysfunctions and providing you with follow along videos. Also tips on how to include FasciaYoga into your FasciaBlasting regimen and into a busy schedule.

Last words of wisdom?