Ryan Lowery

CEO www.ketogenic.com, author of the Ketogenic Bible

What makes you 'cool' ;) any awards or accolades?

Dr. Ryan Lowery, Ph.D.:

- CEO of www.ketogenic.com and President ASPI a 21 thousand square foot elite lab and performance facility
- National Champion in Baseball
- Published over 200 peer-reviewed Scientific Papers on Nutrition, Body Composition, and Longevity
- Author of the Ketogenic Bible
- Internationally Renowned Speaker

Tell us more about what you enjoy doing - Your passions besides work.

I enjoy family, anything to do with water (jet skiing, the beach, and cruises), and making positivity louder.

What is the name of your program?

FasciaBlasters for Keto

Are you going to be leading the FaceBook group on your topic?

Yes, KetoBlasters & FasciaBlasters for Men

What is your 'story' & your 'Why'?

My Mom and Dad is my why. I wanted my Mom to be cured of IBS. This led Dr Wilson & I to become scientists and in the process not only did we help reach our goals, but realized that our discoveries could transform the lives of millions of people. This is what led us to start ketogenic.com build ASPI, and team up with Ashley Black.

Give us a brief summary of your topic.

We are going to teach you how to optimize your energy, body composition, health, and longevity through ketogenic dieting and exercise!

Last words of wisdom?