Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I use the FasciaBlaster®?

For initial results, use vigorously for 5 minutes per area up to 4x a week. Use at a 7 on the pain scale. DO NOT use the FasciaBlaster® if the area is bruised or still sore from previous usage. You may have to “work up” to this level, based on how bad your fascia is. This is the protocol for cellulite, muscle definition and pain. For more information, watch this .

To break up fat cells you must contract the muscle behind the fat you are breaking up. Pin the fat between the FasciaBlaster® and the contracted muscle. Rub vigorously for 1-5 minutes. This WILL bruise you, as breaking up fat cells also breaks up the capillaries. The open capillaries act like little PacMan and gobble up the fat “bits”. For more information, watch this.

For muscle activation and recovery, use the FasciaBlaster® at a medium depth, a 5 on the pain scale. Use for 1-2 minutes per area all over your body or affected areas. For more information, watch this.

For Fibromyalgia and blood flow issues or anyone with sensitive to the touch skin, use at a 2 on the pain scale and “test the waters” with light scrubbing all over. Over time you can work up to a 5 or 7. For more information, watch this.

For maintenance, use in the shower, sauna, hot tub etc. as needed. This could be minutes a day or a full hour of going off!

How do I check the shipping status of my FasciaBlaster®?

You can check the shipping status of your order at any time by clicking here and entering your email address and order number. If it has been more than 3 weeks since you placed your order and there is not a tracking number associated with your order, please contact to let us know.

How deep do I go?

watch this.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. Please allow 60 days for the results of the FasciaBlaster® . If you are not fully satisfied, simply return the FasciaBlaster® for a full refund of $89. Contact to initiate the process.

What is fascia?

Fascia is the head-to-toe, fingertip-to-fingertip, inside-to-out connective tissue. For more, click here and watch this.

How is the FasciaBlaster® different than a foam roller?

The FasciaBlaster® is designed to address the Fascia System separately. For more benefits, click here and watch this.

How do I use the FasciaBlaster®?

Use on bare skin with lubrication, rubbing briskly between the skin and muscle. For more information, watch this and visit our YouTube Channel .

Do I use the FasciaBlaster® and the foam roller?

The FasciaBlaster® and foam roller work effectively in tandem. For more information, click here and watch this.

Why is healthy fascia important?

Fascia is one of the most profound systems in the entire body. Understanding how to achieve healthy fascia can be life-changing. For more information, watch this and watch this.

Why does the FasciaBlaster® make me look leaner?

The FasciaBlaster® breaks up Fascial Adhesions, which reduces swelling and inflammation. For more information, click here and watch this.

Where can I use the FasciaBlaster® on my body?

The FasciaBlaster® is specially designed for consumers to reach every area of their body. For more information, watch this.

Why do I need oil/cream?

The FasciaBlaster® only works to break through fascia on bare skin with proper lubrication. You can use the FasciaBlaster® without oil for muscle knots. It is ineffective for fascia without oil/cream.

DO NOT USE over clothing as the product will NOT work.

How long does it take to see and feel results?

Results can be seen and felt immediately, and long-term permanent changes can begin within a couple of weeks to a month. For more information, watch this.

What type of oil do I need?

We JUST launched our “Blaster Oil” (ingredients to help get rid of cellulite) and “After Blaster” (healing properties like arnica and skin tightening ingredients) prototypes to our loyal and faithful BLASTERS for a limited time!!! You can CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE! Ashley personally formulated the Blaster Oil and After Blaster for the specific needs of the FasciaBlaster user and has been using the oils on herself, her family and her clients for over 6 months and refuses to use anything else! These will take your results to the NEXT LEVEL!!! Right now the prototypes are on sale "at cost" for only $35 for both while supplies last!! The "Blaster Oil" has ingredients that are clinically proven to tighten skin, aid in lysing fat cells as well as numbing agents to take the edge of the blasting pain. And the “After Blaster” lotion has arnica for healing and numbing agents to help reduce swelling/inflammation and pain after blasting! These oils are formulated by the BEST chemists and scientific data and Ashley’s personal touch and will take your results to the next level!!! Alternatively you can also use any type of coconut/avocado/grapefruit/baby/massage oil (make sure you're not allergic)!

Do I have to be hot to use the FasciaBlaster®?

The FasciaBlaster® is most effective when the tissue is warm. Try cardio, sauna, steam shower, hot yoga, or hot packs for best results. However, you can still receive a result regardless.

Can I order a FasciaBlaster® if I live outside the US?

Yes! Please email with your shipping address and the item(s) and quantity you'd like to purchase and our support team will process your international order.

What do I do if my FasciaBlaster® breaks?

Please send a full length photo of the broken blaster along with your order number, name you ordered with and shipping address to and we will see if you qualify for a replacement. Please allow 2 weeks for replacements depending on availability.

Does the FasciaBlaster® cause bruising?

As fascial adhesions release, blood flow will be re-established, causing the appearance of bruises. This is part of the healing process. Consumer has total control over how hard to use the FasciaBlaster® and should only be applied with mild discomfort. If bruising sustains, discontinue use of FasciaBlaster® until all bruising is gone, then resume. The Bruising is actually a sign of healing, like “cupping”. You are bringing blood to the surface and allowing the body to naturally restore itself by blood flushing to the area to move out toxins and fat and deliver vital nutrients. You want to have some mild bruising.
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How do I clean my FasciaBlaster®?

Simply wash with warm water and soap. The FasciaBlaster® is also dishwasher safe.

Do I have to keep using the FasciaBlaster® for results?

Fascia becomes distorted and adhered due to a multitude of factors such as alignment, diet, stress, etc. In a perfect world, once you release the fascia it would stay released forever. Use the FasciaBlaster® as needed if the fascia reacts to changing factors.

My FasciaBlaster® feels scratchy, what can do about this?

If the FasciaBlaster® feels scratchy, simply use a nail file to buff down any seams.

Can I use the FasciaBlaster® if I'm on blood thinners or have blood clots?

If someone is on blood thinners or has a history of blood clots we tell them it’s usually NOT safe for them – so please consult your doctor and be sure to get CLEARED with an ultrasound by a doctor before you try anything that enhances circulation like this! Even with the clearance from blood clots, our official position is that it’s not safe for you if you've had a history of blood clots, so it’s an “at your own risk” situation that you need to get approved by your doctor. FasciaBlasting can be contraindicated for anyone who is taking blood thinners or has a history of blood clots because blood clots can be caught up in the fascia, so when you break up the fascial adhesions the blood clot can be released, which can be fatal. Please be sure to consult your doctor before you try anything that enhances circulation like this!
However, the FasciaBlaster® is perfectly safe for everyone else and does not CAUSE blood clots.