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The FasciaBlaster® was designed, engineered, and manufactured by Ashley Black. It is the ONLY tool on the market that opens the fascia at the deeper layers and breaks up fascial adhesions. The FasciaBlaster® is designed for self-treatment and can be used by anyone on any area of the body. With regular use of the FasciaBlaster®, one can expect pain reduction and improved flexibility, joint function, circulation, muscle definition and performance, nerve activity, posture, and enhanced beauty including the virtual elimination of CELLULITE.

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Mini 2™

Limit of 5 per order.

The Mini2 allows for easy single handed FasciaBlasting. You can deploy all the techniques of the FasciaBlaster® in hard to reach areas such as the inner thighs, neck and arms. The pointy tips of the Mini2 allow for pressure point therapy to disarm the nervous system and break through stubborn or deep adhesions. It's perfect for travel and "on the go" FasciaBlasting sessions. The Mini2 is our most versatile tool yet, and a must have for FasciaBlaster® users!

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Blaster Oil and After Blaster

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The Blaster Oil was specifically designed for the needs of the FasciaBlaster®. The oil streams out of a spray bottle so you can apply it to the target area without getting your hands oily, which is perfect for the grip of the FasciaBlaster®. The density and consistency allows the FasciaBlaster® to smoothly glide over the skin to break up fascial adhesions. The Blaster Oil is compounded with 3 patented algaes that are proven to reduce fat, heat the soft tissue, and stimulate blood flow. It also smells like an ocean day!

The After Blaster contains high quality Arnica and a numbing agent to accelerate recovery and reduce bruising and inflammation after FasciaBlasting. It also has a proven skin tightening ingredient backed by years of clinical trials.

The Blaster Oil and After Blaster will take your FasciaBlasting results to a whole new level and can be used by everyone - even those on blood thinners or with a history of DVT!

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4 oz bottles

$ 35.00


The Nugget is a pocket-size pressure point therapy tool used to release stubborn fascial adhesions and loosen tight joints and tendons. The pointy tips are used to break up chunky fascia-bound areas like saddle bags and fat pockets as well as loosen and separate bones, joints and muscles from tight, adhered fascia.

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The FaceBlaster™ is a completely new design with 3 tiny, dainty claws that employ the same benefits of the FasciaBlaster® for smaller, delicate areas. It was specifically designed to contour and sculpt the face and release tension, as well as work out fascial adhesions and tightness between the smallest joints and bones in the hands, feet, and neck.

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FaceKit Products

These facial products were designed to compliment your FaceBlasting sessions for a complete, effective FaceBlasting session.  Using all these facial products in conjunction with the FaceBlaster™ will guarantee the best results for your face.

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