The ultimate advanced tool that combines the detailed approach of the FaceBlaster™ with the leverage and reach of the original FasciaBlaster®

  • 9 small claws to effectively target surface adhesions
  • All-new design helps restore new layers of stubborn tissue
  • Sleek, lightweight bar with mini claws provides ultimate coverage
  • Great for prepping the tissue with light, brisk motions
  • Helps release adhesions in the fascia
  • Can relieve soft tissue pain and tension

Instructions for Use:

Step 1: Heat

For best results, warm up internally with about a few minutes of low-impact cardio, and then warm up externally with a hot shower, bath, sauna, or heating pads. Heat increases circulation, puts the fascia in a more malleable state, and prepares the tissue for optimal restoration.

Step 2: Apply Oil to Bare Skin

Always use plenty of oil with any FasciaBlaster® products to ensure that the claws glide smoothly and easily over the skin. We highly recommend the Blaster Oil™, designed specifically for FasciaBlasting and compounded with 3 algaes that have shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Step 3: Lightly rub the MasterBlaster™ on Your Skin

Use light pressure to briskly rub the MasterBlaster™ up and down and side to side in every direction – EXCEPT in circles. The claws should glide easily on your skin and your skin should turn red, indicating an increase in blood flow.

Click here for video tutorials

Step 4: Apply the After Blaster Cream

Use your hands to massage and flush the areas you just treated with the After Blaster cream, which contains high-quality arnica and other ingredients that aid in recovery.

Click here for the full list of recommendations for the optimal FasciaBlasting session.
Note: When you first begin to use the MasterBlaster device, start with light pressure and spend several months opening your fascia. As you begin to learn how your body reacts to fascia treatment, you can begin to add more pressure to access the deeper layers.

MasterBlaster™ FAQs:

Q: What’s the difference between the original FasciaBlaster® and the MasterBlaster™?

A: The main difference is the size and number of claws. The original FasciaBlaster® has four original sized claws that are designed for general use.* The MasterBlaster™ has nine smaller claws that target more specific areas.*

*Not recommended for use on your face.

Q: What does an ideal MasterBlaster session look like?

A: To simplify: heat, apply extra oil on bare skin, and rub the MasterBlaster lightly and briskly. Keep your initial sessions short and ease into treatment. Over time, as you learn how your body reacts to fascia treatment, you can begin to add more pressure to access the deeper layers.

Our best practices are outlined in this article if you have access to a few different tools and the time for a longer session.

Q: Can I use the MasterBlaster™ on my face?

A: We DO NOT recommend using the MasterBlaster™ on your face. Read this article for recommendations and guidelines on FaceBlasting.

Q: Is the MasterBlaster™ a newbie or advanced fascia tool?

A: We recommend the MasterBlaster™ for newbies and advanced users alike! This multifaceted tool can be used by newbies to help ease into fascia treatment. For more advanced users, it allows you to target specific areas and/or adhesions.

Q: Are the claws of the MasterBlaster™ different than the FaceBlaster™ claws?

A: Yes. While the claws are similar in size, they are not identical.

Q: What if the MasterBlaster™ breaks?

A: Stop use and contact us at We offer a 1-year warranty on all manufacturer's defects and we’ll send you a free replacement in the case of a breakage.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee. Please contact our support team for assistance.