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The PaddleBlaster is the newest addition to the FasciaBlaster family of self-treating fascia tools, designed by Ashley Black, inspired by her personal health triumphs. The PaddleBlaster is unique in that it is a larger device with 3 rows of FaceBlaster claws, for a total of 36 claws, allowing for efficient FULL-BODY BLASTS. Full-body blasting is very important because fascia is a system and you need to address all if it. The PaddleBlaster is the newest must-have tool for affecting the entire fascia system. You can do a thorough full-body blast in only 10-15 minutes! Full-body blasting affects you at a cellular level, and may provide life changing benefits such as:

- Reduced back pain

- Reduced low back pain

- Decreased cellulite and subcutaneous fat

- Improved blood flow and circulation

- Improved metabolism

- Increased collagen production

- Improved flexibility

- Improved muscle function and definition

- Improved recovery

Helps with conditions such as:

- Cellulite

- Foot Pain

- Muscle strains

- Elbow Pain

- Knee Pain

You can use the PaddleBlaster to address all your fascia needs. The PaddleBlaster is a great tool to use for any warmup or recovery routine, help reduce cellulite, and address pain such as low back, myofascial, and muscles strains. Grab your PaddleBlaster and start taking control of your fascia and health today!


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